Auto Window Films

The application of window film can undoubtedly improve the appearance of your vehicle, yet there are far more reasons than just aesthetics for having your vehicle professionally tinted.

An application of SUN-GARD automotive window film can dramatically improve your passenger comfort by significantly reducing heat and glare, besides protecting them from harmful UV light- by up to 99%. In the summer months. your vehicles fuel consumption will improve as there will be less reliance on air-conditioning system. By reducing the suns harmful effects, your cars will stay looking good for longer- helping to keep its value higher. Darker tints will stop prying eyes, giving your passengers privacy and helping to hide personal belongings and shopping stored in your vehicle.

In the unfortunate event of an accident. SUN-GARD film will help protect you and your passengers by holding dangerous glass fragments together. Indeed, with a film application it will become less likely the glass will break- a major deterrent to would-be 'smash & grab' criminals.

Whilst Government legislation prohibits tinted films to the driver and front-passenger windows, this does not mean the front of your vehicle (and its occupants!) cannot benefit from a film application. Specialist DermaGard UV film will filter over 99% of UV and act as a safety film, protecting you and your vehicle from flying glass whilst making forced entry much harder. Similarly, an application of clear GLASS-GARD film will offer an even higher level of protection, whilst still filtering over 95% of UV.

With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, SUN-GARD automotive film is internationally regarded as the professional tinter's choice, due to its reliability. longevity and excellent installation characteristics.