Graphics & Manifestation

Diamond offer a complete graphics and manifestation service, either producing designs provided by the client or utilising our in-house design service, all produced using quality materials. We can supply direct to the end client with full fitting instructions or install via our Approved Dealer Network.

Our graphics department is well equipped to cope with any type of job, from a simple yet effective company logo, customer information (such as opening times), to striking visual designs in any colour imaginable.

Manifestation graphics are the simple yet highly effective way to meet current government regulations. Large areas of clear transparent glazing must be suitably marked to prevent accidental collision and the possibility of serious injury. Building Regulations Document 'M' state that manifestation markings to potential risk areas (glazed doors. partitions, etc) must now be applied to two areas, the lower being between 850mm and 1000mm and the upper being between 1400mm and 1600mm. from floor level.