Your Boat or RV should have the look that performs as well as the glass that protects it. With window tint applied by our technicians, your vessel or vehicle will not only look great, but they will also be protected from the sun's glare and heat for years to come.

At DiamondTint, we have years of boating experience and understand the needs of today's boaters. While under way in your vessel, the blinding sun and glare off the water can be dangerous. Tinting the windows on your boat will reduce this glare substantially. This is so important when searching the vast ocean for that trophy fish. Not only will it give your boat a whole new look, but it will cool and protect your interior.

Whether you are cruising to your next camping destination or parked for a week at the campground or off Catalina, the difference window tint for your R.V. makes is a worthwhile investment. You can count on the best visibility possible with tinted glass from DiamondTint.