Tempscreen is the ideal product for shop-fitting companies, professional tradesman and the keen DlYer.

With TempScreen, there is no need for scruffy. whitewash-smeared windows to hide building and decorating work during refurbishment. TempScreen is a clean, solid white film with a strong yet removable adhesive. Whether required for a few hours or many months. inside or out, TempScreen will remain in-situ for as long is required. Removal is simple- just pull off and throw away! No adhesive will stay on the glazing.

The durability of TempScreen makes it ideal for protecting all furnishings from paint spills and dust. Being highly resistant to tears. TempScreen can be layed onto carpets, walls and other surfaces and will remain in place until the work is done- regardless of all those footsteps. No more highly porous dust-sheets which often get inadvertently kicked away from the areas they are meant to protect!
TempScreen is available in solid white or semi-clear- ideal when light and vision are important. TempScreen can be purchased in several handy size rolls. or professionally installed anywhere in the UK!